Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea

Ready for Tea


Boiling water (6 oz. per person)

A pinch of gunpowder green tea per person (1 tsp)

A pinch of dried mint per person (1 tsp)

A bunch of fresh mint (3-6 big stems per person)

Sugar to taste (Moroccans tend to make it very sweet—about 2 tsp per person; I use closer to 1/2 tsp per person)

Small glasses (about the size of a shotglass)

Warm a teapot by swishing about a bit of the boiling water and pouring out. Place the ingredients in the warmed teapot, and a pinch more of dried tea & mint for the pot.  Pour boiling water over and let steep for three-five minutes—fill half of a glass with the fresh tea and throw it away. The tannins collect in the first cup, so this pouring-out reduces bitterness.  Holding the spout of the teapot high above the glass (as high as you can get it without spattering the tea when poured), fill a glass, pour it back into the pot.  Repeat twice.  Pour again and this time, serve.


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