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A Gardener Prepares for Irene: Encounters with Climate Chaos

My family jokes about how when my husband heads out on a trip, Mother Nature lets loose. An albino robin appears just before he’s to leave. An owl hangs around in broad daylight, staring intently into the screened-in porch.  Bats flit about the house.  Birds get trapped in my studio. Coyotes prowl the garden to […]

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Hanging onto Summer While Heading to Fall

Yesterday the wind blew hot and surly across the tall field grasses. Today the high dog days of midsummer have pooled around my feet. It is still but for the drone of heat-loving insects and the intermittent warning of a robin, the hissing of a house wren, the drink-your-tea-tea-tea call of the Eastern towhee. On […]

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Making Pizza: Simplicity in Kitchen & Garden

I love to make pizza. There’s little as satisfying as kneading dough and having it scent the house with its yeasty goodness during the day as it rises, and to play around with flavor combinations for the topping, and then to share it with family and friends. I rarely use tomato sauce (homemade or not) […]

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