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Guest Video: Yanira’s Fresco de Ensalada

When Ofelia Barrios came to visit a few weeks ago and showed us how to make chiles rellenos and tostadas, she brought her friend Yanira Arias from El Salvador with her. Even though Yanira says she doesn’t cook very often, she still wanted to contribute to Open View Gardens and share a traditional dish from […]

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Guest Video: Ofelia’s Mexican Kitchen

Ofelia Barrios is our second guest to share her stories and recipes in a video for Open View Gardens. Ofelia is a wonderful cook of Mexican food — during her time as a student at Middlebury College and her many subsequent visits to our home, she filled the house with ingredients she had brought from […]

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NEW VIDEO — Jammin’ Strawberries

When we wrote about strawberries in June, we promised you a video on making French-style jam. After a busy month of weeding, harvesting and planting fall crops for Barbara and making plans to move to Italy for me, we’re finally fulfilling our promise. Although strawberry season has come and gone (sort of–we’ve still been able […]

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