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The Organic Dilemma

Growing up in a family concerned not only about our own health but also the health of the planet and the surrounding wildlife, buying and growing organic food was naturally an important part of our lives. During my last two years of college, as I studied food from cultural, historical, human rights and environmental perspectives, […]

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Guest Post #9: Kate Corrigan & Sebastian Miska Write about Raising Meat & Labeling It

Barbara’s Note: I buy my meat from these two young farmers–fabulous pork shoulders and chops, chickens and ducks–and am much inspired by their example.  Kate Corrigan grew up in Shoreham, Vermont where her family raised their own eggs, pork and poultry. Sebastian Miska grew up in the Middlebury, Vermont area and enjoyed frequent visits to […]

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Strawberry Weekend

At Open View Gardens, our weekend revolved around strawberries. Since this year we can’t pick any of our own strawberries in order to encourage the 50 first-year plants to send their energy to their roots (which will lead to healthier, more robust plants and higher yields next year), we decided to go to The Last […]

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