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Harvesting Saffron, Growing Pine Nuts: Taking the Long View

I’ve stopped buying pine nuts–except when I find fresh Spanish ones at Sahadi’s when I visit my daughter in Brooklyn.  The only sort available around here are flown in from China–too far for something that needs refrigeration and careful handling–and the $30/pound price is beyond affordable.  Perfect pine-nutty pestos and some Italian cakes and cookies […]

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Growing the Wild Within the Orchard Walls

Addison Independent PATCHwork Column for May 12, 2011 Kerplink Kerplank Kerplunk When I was a child, those sounds–berries hitting the bottom of a tin pail in Robert McCloskey’s Blueberries for Sal—echoed through the blueberry field behind our Maine cottage.  I spent almost as much time looking for signs of Sal’s blueberry-ing bear as I did […]

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Winter Work

It’s the last day of January, a cold day (8 degrees F at 1 pm) with just enough of a breeze that I probably won’t venture out for some cross-country skiing about the land.  And tomorrow we’re supposed to get more snow and then more again.  Sounds just the way January ought to exit and […]

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