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Minding the Gap: The Gardener in Mid-June

I’m trying to break a bad gardening habit. I’m trying to resist the urge to over-plant, to stuff the vegetable beds to bursting point no matter how good it makes me feel. You see, when visitors ask for a tour of my gardens, I do a lot of apologizing– for the small size of the […]

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Spring All At Once

It’s warm outside—warm—and has been for three days.  A thunderstorm blew through this morning, and the grass is responding with green, the trees with buds, the birds with song. The phoebes and flickers are back; the peepers sang for the first time last night. I’ve finally informed the birds that gleaning season is done in […]

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Eating and Drinking Flowers

We’re harvesting and preserving like mad at Open View Gardens: vegetables, fruits and herbs to make syrups and sauces, jellies and tisanes, ristras and pestos, chutneys and cordials, salts and mustards, salsas and herb mixes. The hot peppers are ripening up, and so we’re exploring the full range of flavors and heat, variety to variety. […]

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