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Balancing Health with Tradition

It’s been three weeks since I moved back to Bologna and already my body is complaining. From time to time, we’ve mentioned Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean Program (see our post on gardening for optimal health and our recipe for delicious gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free cookies) — a holistic detox program that has helped both Barbara […]

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Good Airport Food — An Oxymoron?

Airports are notorious not only for grumpy, impatient, even rude travelers but also for terrible food (which probably contributes to the bad moods — in our family we call this state “hangry”). The options are usually limited to greasy fast food or tasteless sandwiches, old fruit and limp lettuce leaves. As someone who travels often, […]

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Strawberry Weekend

At Open View Gardens, our weekend revolved around strawberries. Since this year we can’t pick any of our own strawberries in order to encourage the 50 first-year plants to send their energy to their roots (which will lead to healthier, more robust plants and higher yields next year), we decided to go to The Last […]

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