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Mentors Aplenty, Part Two: My Kind of School

Earlier in the summer,  I wrote about learning from family, students and friends.  Actually, since I started blogging in 2001, I’ve often remarked on being far more student than teacher even when I taught in formal schools. Every day since then I’ve learned essential and moving lessons from the non-human inhabitants of the gardens, but […]

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Guest Post: Martha Burtis on Being a Non-Foodie Who Craves a Vegetable Garden

BG’s Note:  Open View Gardens is in full swing this first day after the summer solstice. Mornings are devoted to harvest and preserving; afternoons to planting and weeding or recipe development and menu planning; evenings to thinking and conversing and reading and kitchen experiments.  This is a multi-faceted endeavor: surprising, rewarding and thought-provoking.  One of […]

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Exploring the World in a Vermont Kitchen and Garden

It’s snowing. Hard.  On April 28 in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.  Two days ago I spent seven hours in a t-shirt hauling dirt around new garden beds (we’re doubling the size of the already large garden), planting potatoes, weeding, cheering on the rattling bumblebees and softly whirring honeybees at their work among the blossoming […]

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