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Edible Landscaping: Growing for Beauty and Taste and Nutrition

Cross-posted at Eating Well Magazine. I’ve been wondering about my flower gardens lately–asking myself why I put so much energy into those lovely blooms that buzz nicely with bees and birds and bugs and bunnies (and sometimes deer) and feed my eyes so magnificently but not my stomach. Perhaps I should rethink those beds, make […]

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Growing the Wild Within the Orchard Walls

Addison Independent PATCHwork Column for May 12, 2011 Kerplink Kerplank Kerplunk When I was a child, those sounds–berries hitting the bottom of a tin pail in Robert McCloskey’s Blueberries for Sal—echoed through the blueberry field behind our Maine cottage.  I spent almost as much time looking for signs of Sal’s blueberry-ing bear as I did […]

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