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July 4 Grilling: Stuffed Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto

Yes, I’m writing about figs…again.  Elizabeth thinks I am obsessed with them.  And it’s true, I eat figs every day during their brief season (but I do that with strawberries and raspberries, too).  One of our fig trees is putting out sensational purple figs and the other is ripening a fat green variety that should […]

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It’s Fig Season

On Saturday we found the first figs of the season in our local co-op and on Sunday we picked our own ripe figs (far superior in flavor and texture to the store-bought). A month ago we wrote about the wonder of being able to grow figs in Vermont, and now we’re finally able to eat […]

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Growing Figs in Vermont: Spring Fever

Cross-posted at Eating Well Magazine. We’ve reached the turning point–the fields and woods have shrugged off their winter torpor and are decking themselves out in glorious shades of green. The female coyote who hunts in our back field is clearly a nursing mother; the birdboxes all have residents; the turtles are digging holes to lay […]

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