2011 Subscription Series Feedback Form

How did you like the menu, recipes, ingredients and explanations?  I would love to hear your candid feedback–you will help me to plan future offerings, improve the first batch of menus, and to plan the coming year’s gardens!

You can download the Italian Night Menu Feedback Form, fill it out and email it to: openviewgardens@gmail.com

Or you can fill out the survey here.

One Comment on “2011 Subscription Series Feedback Form”

  1. September 3, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    My very overdue review for you.

    Moroccan Memories Menu

    1a) Easy to under the menus. Clear about what they entailed

    1b) Easy to sign-up and payments details were clear

    1c) Clear that I had to pick a date and what to expect in the shipment

    2a) It arrived very quickly after my chosen date. Nothing missing or damaged

    2b) Wasn’t quite sure what everything would look like but love how things were clearly labeled. Some of the ingredients I’ve never worked with before so it was kind of exciting to get my hands on them.

    3) Menu was easy to understand and it definitely was pleasing.

    4) The recipes were fairly easy to follow even for a beginner cook like me. The steps were very detailed and were ultimately helpful in getting through the recipe.

    5) The meal took me awhile to prepare considering this is probably the most elaborate meal I’ve ever made and it was new to me. Ended up making dessert the next day. I think this has more to do with me being a beginner cook rather than the meal being too involved.

    6) I have sadly misplaced the resources page (and the recipes d’oh!) but I did enjoy reading through it and wish I had a copy of it still

    7) Yes, the ingredients you included were very helpful because I doubt I would have had much luck finding them. Everything else I needed I was able to find at the grocery store.

    8) The meal turned out great and I was very proud of it. I hadn’t experienced a lot of the flavor combinations before so it was pretty exciting to see how it turned out. Almost made a meal out of the roasted red pepper coulis it was so good! Had fun making the chocolate too, something I’ve never done. Every aspect of the meal turned out delicious, even in the hands of someone like me haha. Your detailed directions definitely made it much easier.

    9) I would definitely recommend this menu to someone. It is unique and downright tasty. I am very glad I ordered it.

    10) Considering you charged me the student fee I think the price was very fair for what I got in return.

    11) Wish I could say I had recommendations. I liked the variety you had to offer, it made it hard to choose.

    12) No other feedback about the menu. It was good.

    13) Yes I’d love to see you do this type of thing again.

    14) Forget skype, I’d would love to come up to VT and learn a thing or two from you 🙂

    15) Offering ingredients is an interesting idea. Some of the items I got I wouldn’t know where else to find. Of course I wouldn’t know what else to use some of the stuff in. I guess that is what experimenting is for.

    17) You forgot 16 on the feedback for haha. Once again I enjoyed making this meal (even though it took me two days to do it all). The background on how the menu came about was fun to read, gives it a more personal feel. The only thing I wish I had was an electronic copy of the recipes because some people (like me) have a tendency to lose paper (I’m still looking for it though).

    18) Don’t know if I said anything useful but feel free to reprint my comments and use my name.

    Thanks again!


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