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Current Offerings

This season the shop opens with a special selection of my homemade, homegrown offerings –travel the world through your culinary adventures!  All dried herbs and flowers grown ecologically on site.

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Jams and Condiments

white currantsred currantssomeday soon

Hot Pepper Apple Jelly


Chile Apple Jelly, 4 oz jar $5.00

Ingredients: organic Vermont apples, Open View Gardens hot chiles, Open View Gardens red bell peppers, organic lemon, organic vinegar, organic sugar

Delicious! Sweet and tart, apply and peppery, perfect on goat cheese and rounds of dark whole grain bread.


Lemon Verbena Mint Apple Jelly


Lemon Verbena Mint Apple Jelly, 8 oz jar $8.00

Ingredients: organic Vermont apples, Open View Gardens mint, Open View Gardens lemon verbena, organic cider vinegar, organic sugar

Ruby red with lovely bits of herbs suspended in the jelly, this makes a terrific glaze   for roasting meats, accompaniment to fresh goat cheese or paté.


red currant jelly

Red Currant Jelly


Red Currant Jelly 4 oz jar $4.00

 Ingredients: Open View Gardens red currants, organic sugar

Makes a fabulous glaze for poultry and meats and fruit tarts; add it to sauces; serve it alongside game or roasted meats.


white currant jelly

White Currant Jelly


White Currant Jelly, 4 oz. $4.00

Ingredients: Open View Gardens white currants, organic sugar

A pale pink, delicately flavored jelly perfect for toast and glazes.


Green Tomato Chutney

Green Tomato Chutney, 8 oz jar $8.00

Ingredients: organic apples, Open View Gardens green tomatoes, garlic and onions; organic ginger, organic raisins, raw organic sugar, organic red wine vinegar, peppercorns and allspice garden.

 This delectable sweet yet tart chutney is an Open View Gardens favorite, the star in a Ploughman’s lunch or cheese board. Mix it in red pepper coulis and stir a spoonful into stews!


Salsa Verde--Mildly Spicy

Salsa Verde, 8 oz. $7.00

Ingredients: Open View Gardens tomatillos, white onions, serrano chiles, cilantro and garlic; organic limes, kosher salt

Another Open View Gardens bestseller. Outstanding fresh tomatillo flavor and heat of the chiles. Excellent with Mexican food, mixed with soups, in chicken and pork braises, or atop a burger.


Syrups and Vinegars

nasturtiums macerating

nasturtium vinegar bottling time

Nasturtium Vinegar

Nasturtium Vinegar, 2.5 0z Bottle $4.00

Ingredients: Open View Gardens nasturtium blossoms and shallots, peppercorns, salt and white wine vinegar

Terrific in salad dressing!


lemon syrup

Mint Syrup

Mint Syrup, 4 oz Bottle $5.00

Ingredients: Open View Gardens mint, organic lemon, sugar, sea salt, spring water

Absolutely delicious in iced or hot tea or mixed with seltzer water!


Rosemary-Lavender Syrup

Rosemary-Lavender Syrup, 3 oz bottle $6.00,
8 oz bottle $12.00

Ingredients: Open View Gardens lavender and rosemary, Lavendar honey, organic sugar, spring water

Use this heady and slightly sweet infusion of rosemary and lavender in salad dressings, in drinks, braises, stuffing, potatoes—you’ll think you’ve landed in Southern France.


Pickled and Spiced Fruits

crabapple schnapps macerating

spicing the crabapples

Spiced Pickled Crabapples

Spiced pickled crabapples, 16 oz jar, $12.00

The flavors of old Vermont packed into layers of spice and pickle. Serve as a condiment with roasted meats, or sliced onto sandwiches, or served on ice cream.


Pickled Hot Peppers--HOT!!

Pickled hot peppers, 16 oz jar, $12.00 Made from a mix of our hot peppers (cascabella, cherezo, paprika, serrano), organic white vinegar, salt

Use this flavorful and hot pickle to add a spicy depth to duck and pork stews, or served with sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, omelets.



lavender salt ready

Lavender Salt

Lavender Salt, 1.5 oz bottle, $4.00

Use to heighten the Provencal flavors in fish and poultry dishes, salads and quiche. Outstanding sprinkled on pizza!


Dried Peppers

Grown in our gardens using ecological gardening practices

shape texture shape


hanging around

Hot Thai Peppers


Hot Thai Peppers, 1/4 cup $7.00

Absolutely my go-to hot pepper in the kitchen. I grind them for powders, to add to stews, soups, braises, tagines; I crumble them on top of pizzas–medium hot and bright clarity of flavor.



Mexican Peppers

Mix of Mexican Hot Peppers, 2 0z bag $7.00

A mix of whole dried peppers, ranging from ancho to chimayo to mirasol to NuMex, a range of heats and flavor notes. Grind them to make your own chile powder!


For Local Pick-up Only

photo by Suki Fredericks

Lemongrass Broth, $7.00 frozen quart

Ingredients: Open View Gardens lemongrass, onions, and Thai chiles; sea salt, organic peppercorns and spring water

For making Southeast Asian curries, soups and stews. Incredible!


Dried Herbs and Spices


Coriander Seed, 1/4 cup, $4.00

Dill, 1/4 cup $4.00

Lemon Thyme, 1/4 cup $5.00

Marjoram-Oregano Mix, 1/4 cup $5.00

Rosemary, 1/4 cup $5.00

Dried Flowers and Tisane Herbs

drying mint

Spearmint, 1 cup $5.00 The best sort for mint tisane.

lemon verbena

Dried Lemon Verbena, 1 cup $6.00 Deeply aromatic, makes the famous, beautiful Verveine tisane

Lemon Verbena-Mint Mix 1 cup $6.00 One of my favorite mixes--one part Morocco, one part France

first chamomile harvest

Chamomile Blossoms, 1/2 cup $5.00 Deep yet delicate scent and flavor of the summer garden--restorative!


Lavender 1/4 cup $6.00 Be transported to a field of sunshine when you use these lovely, subtle dried flower petals in your cooking, from drinks to dessert, scones to pizza. Also incredible in your bath!

Teaball Infuser Single Serving, $3.00

To Place an Order, Please Fill Out an Order Form HERE.

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