working at the lake

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If you want to read about my slow blogging, see the New York Times 2008 article: “Haste Scorned, Blogging at a Snail’s Pace”




The view (without the mountains) from my summer office

A Couple of Course Blogs from my Teaching Days (Most of the blogs I used between the years 2001-2008 were taken offline by the college when it shifted to other blogging platforms–a real loss.)
Introduction to Creative Writing
The Far Reaches of Contemporary Creative Nonfiction

Papers and Chapters (Mostly Academic)

Weaving the Community, Creating the Future: Storytelling at the Heart and Soul of Healthy Communities(to be published by Orton Family Foundation, Summer 2010)
Community, Communication and Creativity: Digital Storytelling in the Liberal Arts Classroom (Forthcoming, in Teaching with Multimedia: Pedagogy in the Websphere, Hampton Press)
Stories Without Words: A Simple Strategy to Teach Big Lessons with the Web
Blogging as a Dynamic, Transformative:,  Medium in the Writing Classroom of an American Liberal Arts College”
A paper published in the proceedings, examining current theory, research and practice in the field using a first-year seminar as a case study; cited in the literature including EU 2005 Elearning Europa Initiative and EU 2004 Pellea Publication: Research and Inventory of Present Portfolio Use in Education
Co-author with Dr. Hector J. Vila: “Digital Stories in the Liberal Arts Environment: Educational  Communities at the Margins” in Media Communities, eds. Hipfl, Brigitte and Hug, Theo, 2006 NY: Waxmann
Co-author with Barbara Sawhill: “How did a couple of veteran classroom teachers end up in a space like this? Extraordinary intersections between learning, social software and teaching” in The Knowledge Tree: An e-journal of Learning Innovation

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